Rabbit farming profit scale

Rabbit farming is very easy and needs only a simple investment and less space.


 Herewith I am giving you a brief description of the profit scale. Its very simple to understand.

Breeding Rabbits:

A small unit of modern rabbit farming has 10 rabbits(7 female, 3 male)

1 unit = Rs.9000/- Without cage, medicin, feed etc.

1 unit = Rs.12000/- The price includes the Cage, Medicine and feed for one month.


 Infrastructure :

5000 s.ft. land and Roofed interiors.


Business Summary :

One female rabbit delivers 6 to 10 bunnies in every two months. One or two may die. Taking the least case scenario, say, if we take 5 bunnies per one Female Rabbit, the profit scale would be in the following structure…

 Per Unit :

7 Female rabbits deliver 7×5 = 35 bunnies.

Growth of bunnies at the end of 4th month = 2 kg.

Total weight obtained from one unit = 35×2 kg. = 70 kg.

Minimum guaranteed price of live rabbit = Rs. 130/- per Kg.

The above said price is the minimum rate for live rabbit  and may increase seasonally.

Total earnings per unit = 70 kg x  Rs.130 =  Rs.9100/-

Maintenance, fodder, medicine etc.       = Rs. 3000/-


Net profit = Rs. 6500 to 7000/- per unit, based on maintenance.


For 10 units, 65000 to 70000/-   This represents the yield at the end of fourth month.   After six months, based on surplus, business can be done monthly.

26 Comments to "Rabbit farming profit scale"

  1. Adhithya says:

    Hello sir
    I’m from coimbatore.i’m also interested in this
    farm but where to market plz reply me as soon as possible

  2. Krishnakumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Krishnakumar from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu location. I am interested in understanding the Rabbit Farming & Marketing the same in Coimbatore Area. I am planning to start with 2 or 3 units for now. Could you please help providing the details for whom i can get in touch in Coimbatore Location?

  3. Nagaraj says:

    Hai Benjamin,
    I have planning start rabbit farm. So you tell about how to start and how much amount need and how to marketing. My native pollachi. but now I am working in Singapore. coming march I come back to India and start the buiseness. So please advice about this buiseness.

  4. ABDUL HARIS says:

    Pls send marketing details to my email acc. Dis my account name

  5. harshith says:

    Pls send marketing details to my email acc. Dis my account name harshith.harshu25@gmail.com pls

  6. harshith says:

    we already stated the rabbit form, bt i didnt hav idea about marketing. Giv me idea about marketing. Pls sir

    • Benjamin says:

      dear Harshith,
      If you provide your area, state etc.., I will tell you the nearest marketing place for your production..Shall I know how much production you have monthly… ?



    i have recently start the rabbit farm please have 40 6month rabbit is with us i want to sell the rabbit where we get the best market price.

    please suggest.

    Khadeer basha.

  8. Anand says:

    Hi Benjamin,

    Im form South part of Tamil Nadu. Planning to start a rabbit farm. Can you please send the process on how to handle/ start a farm and the market place in Tamil Nadu.

    Mail – anandmanokaran@yahoo.com

  9. ravinder.n says:

    i want sell my rabbits will u pls send me the details,and also know about exporting large scale of rabbits

    • Benjamin says:

      dear sir,

      There is big market for rabbits..

      shall i know from where u are..

      please contact me in person or on phone

      regards Ravikanth 9441215608, 9052372868

      • sravanthi says:

        I want to start rabbit farm .I am from vijayawada.if I started the farm where I can sell those bunnies. Pls let me know the information about the farming..nd thank u for providing the information about business…

  10. prem says:

    please tell me marketing details iam from andhrapradesh nalgonda distric , my cell no 9010395358

    • Benjamin says:

      Dear prem garu,
      Rabbit farming is a profitable agribusiness.
      Rabbits are very fast growing and very easy to manage with less investment.
      Very good market is available.
      Now., I am taking rabbit live.

      I welcome you to my farm and visit it once. We can talk in detail in person.

      please visit and inform me before your visit.


  11. ravi says:

    sir I would like to set up a Rabbit farm as mentioned in this website with 7female rabbits. so please provide the marketing details that where could I sell my bunnies. i am from haryana my contact no is 9316128943

  12. PAVAN VELLANKI says:

    Sir, I would like to set up a Rabbit farm as mentioned in this website with 7female rabbits. so please provide the marketing details that where could I sell my bunnies. I am from Andhra Pradesh. My cellno: 9492685450.

  13. nsar says:

    kindly let me know the temperature requirement for a successful rabbit farmng unit

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